Beginner Snow Ski Tips

Beginner Snow Ski Tips
Newcomers to the sport of downhill skiing should be aware that the term "downhill" refers as much to the type of ski equipment that is used as it does to the terrain. Someone new to the sport can expect to spend their first days descending short, gentle slopes and then taking quick trips on a chairlift or rope tow to the top for another run.

Shaped Skis

Recent developments in the basic shape of the ski gives the first-time skier two options for skis. The basic "straight" ski that has been in use for many decades has been joined by the recently developed "shape ski," which allows beginning skiers to learn how to turn with greater ease.

The straight ski has edges that are parallel, while the "shape" ski is contoured so that the front and rear of the ski are wider than the part underneath the feet of the skier. This allows the novice skier to turn with more control.

Unless you are very athletic and have an ambitious goal of quickly learning how to negotiate the most difficult terrain, you'll want to learn how to ski on "shaped" skis.

Rent Your Skis

When skiing for the first time, it's a good idea to rent your first pair of skis, boots and poles so you can try various types, lengths and brands and find out which is best for you. Novice skiers also should opt for shorter skis than an advanced skier.

Take a Class

You'll want to make sure your first downhill journey is undertaken with the guidance of a qualified ski instructor so you'll learn proper technique at the beginning and avoid picking up bad habits.

Proper Clothing

Skiers need to stay warm while riding the ski lift, but they don't want to get too hot during the downhill run. The best solution is to dress in multiple layers. Also, be sure you have a good ski mask and warm, flexible ski gloves. Most important, be certain you wear thick wool socks inside the ski boots.

Drink Lots of Fluids

Bring some water with you on the ski trails. This is especially important if you are planning to ski at a high elevation, because the extra exertion and exercise will quickly dehydrate you. Also, remember that when you travel from a lowland area to a mountain ski resort, your body will require time to become acclimatized to the altitude, so take it the easy the first day or so.

Article Written By Henri Bauholz

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