The Best Trout Jigs

The Best Trout JigsThe best trout jigs can consistently catch fish in a variety of conditions. The major advantage of jig fishing is depth control; however, the ascending and descending motion of the jig looks like a wounded bait-fish and can create a reaction strike. Jigs are most commonly used in lakes but are also effective in rivers, streams and ponds.


Mini-Jigs use a weighted head and small plastic body on a thin hook. The jigs come in a large variety of colors and are very effective on trout. Tip: Use pearl white for clear water, rainbow sparkle for bright days, yellow for stocked trout and dark black for deep water. The soft plastic design allows the jig to swim like any other jig, but there is no paint to strip. Mini-Jigs are recognized by many anglers as the best jigs for trout. Mini-Jig sizes range from 1/80-1/32 oz. sizes. The size you choose will depend on the size of the trout and water you are targeting.


Marabou Jig (pictured above)

Marabou is a soft material that creates motion when wet. The slim profile of wet marabou is ideal for imitating bait fish and is very effective for catching trout. Common colors include black, white and olive. Marabou streamers are ideal for fishing in lakes and deep river pools. In rivers, bumping the jig along the bottom can help you find the bigger fish; lakes require you to allow the jig to sink to the same level of the fish.


Technically, spoons are not classified as jigs, but the lures are successful when used as a jig. According to, spoons can be fished as jigs and are especially useful when trout are short striking. The hook on a spoon is on the tail end of the lure and is the first part of the lure to come in contact with a striking fish. Spoons fished as jigs should be cast out and allowed to sink. Retrieve the spoon by twitching or bumping the rod tip several times before pausing for a short moment. Continue the process until the spoon has been retrieved to the tip of the rod.

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