Great Gifts for a Fisherman

Great Gifts for a Fisherman
Getting the right gift for a fisherman isn't always easy, especially if you know little about fishing. You can find a a wide variety of great gifts online or at your local outdoors store, from lures and hooks to new fishing poles and bait traps. With a little bit of research and planning, you will be able to find the perfect gift for even the pickiest of fishermen.

Personalized Bucket Cooler

Looking for a gift that can multitask? A personalized bucket cooler that serves three main functions: keeping drinks cool, storing bait and fish and providing a comfortable place to sit. The bucket cooler is 12 inches by 18 1/2 inches and comes with a sturdy handle for easy transportation. For a personalized touch, you can also have a customized message put on the bucket.

Folding Fishing Chair

To make sure your fisherman is comfortable on his fishing trips, you should consider buying him a folding fishing chair. Lightweight and compact, these chairs are easy to carry and provide a relaxing place to sit on any fishing excursion. For the ultimate in comfort, you may want to buy a chair that comes with both armrests and a footrest. Prices generally start around $25 for basic models to more than $70 for luxury chairs.

Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Along with a fishing rod and tackle, a fisherman also needs a good pair of polarized fishing sunglasses. Not only do these sunglasses protect the eyes from damaging UV rays, they also block out glare from the water's surface. Polarized sunglasses come in a wide selection of frames and a variety of lens colors, like gray, brown and yellow.

Fishing Gift Basket

For a present with a homemade touch, think about making a fishing gift basket. Head to your local fishing store to buy extra fishing supplies, such as bobbers, hooks and lures. You can also get useful items like sunscreen or a first aid kit. Purchase snacks that your fisherman enjoys eating on fishing trips (like beef jerky or energy bars). Place all of the gifts into a wicker basket or a tackle box before presenting it to your special someone.

Article Written By Caroline Tung Richmond

A native of Washington, D.C., Caroline Tung Richmond has worked as a freelance writer since 2007. Her articles have appeared in both print and online publications such as the "Baltimore Sun," "Highlights" and She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brigham Young University.

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