Most Popular Fishing Books

Most Popular Fishing Books
Fishing has a rich literary history with everything from romanticized novels to basic instructional books. Fishing books can be found about nearly every subject and style of fishing, including fly fishing, freshwater and saltwater fishing. Many authors have made a living writing exclusively about fishing, and it is reflected by the best-selling books they have published.

The Compleat Angler

"The Compleat Angler" by Izaak Walton has been in print for more than three centuries. The book is consider the first to use prose to describe the art and nature of angling. Walton takes a philosophical approach to angling and the reasons for fishing as a sport. Although the book does not offer any instruction, it is considered a must read for beginning and experienced anglers.


A River Runs Through It

"A River Runs Through It" by Norman Maclean is a popular novella that was reproduced as a Robert Redford film. The book and the movie are responsible for the rapid growth of the fly fishing industry and the attention gained by Montana trout fishing. Maclean describes his childhood as the son of a minister and Montana fly fisherman. The book uses prose to romanticize the nature of fly fishing and the wildness of Montana during the author's youth.

Fish Food

"Fish Food" by Ralph Cutter is a top-selling fishing book about the insects and bait-fish that fish eat. The book has in-depth analysis of different insects and bait-fish and the patterns and techniques used for imitations. The focus is on trout food in lakes and streams, but many of the techniques can be used for bass and other freshwater species. Cutter is recognized as an excellent fisherman, and his scientific approach is a valuable resource for anglers.

The River Why

The River Why by James Duncan is a best-selling novel centered around the main character, Gus Orviston, and his eccentric fishing family. Gus is depicted as "the Mozart of fishing," and the story follows him through his life journey as an expert fisherman. The novel is set in the pacific northwest and has a large following and high ratings from


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