The Best Stream Trout Lures

The Best Stream Trout LuresThe best stream lures for trout are heavy enough to cast, light enough to keep off the bottom and have an active swimming motion in the water. Stream lures come in a variety of colors and sizes with silver, gold, black and red, black and yellow, white and red and white and chartreuse being some of the top choices. Marabou tails and spotted patterns are also effective in trout streams.


Spinners are very effective trout lures and can be found in most tackle stores. The lures use a straight body with an oval piece of metal that rotates around the body when retrieved. Lures with marabou tails also add action and help disguise the hook. Mepps is a popular spinner brand with a variety of color combinations. Red and black, yellow and black and white and chartreuse are popular color combinations.



Spoons are simple pieces of shaped metal that actively swim through the water when retrieved. The side-to-side swimming motion is similar to that of a small fish and is effective for creating a reaction strike from trout. Most spoons are either silver or gold. Spoons can also be painted with different color combinations to imitate specific bait fish. Needlefish lures in tiger patterns and green with black spots are effective for catching trout in streams. Spoons are heavy lures and can be used for fishing deep pools in a stream.


The Rapala lure can be used for a variety of species in streams, rivers and lakes. Rapalas have a plug design with two treble hooks and have an up-and-down swimming motion when retrieved. The lure is ideal for targeting the larger, aggressive trout in a stream. The lure sinks at a moderate rate and can be used in shallow water with a fast retrieve and deep water with a slow or moderate retrieve. The Countdown model is a heavy Rapala designed to sink at a consistent rate and maximize depth control. It is ideal for fishing streams with variable depths. The lures come in a variety of colors with the brook trout pattern, rainbow trout pattern and fire tiger pattern being top choices.


Flies are often referred to as lures and can be used while fly fishing or spin fishing. Woolly buggers and various streamers can be used on a spin fishing rod by adding split shot to the head of the fly or fishing the fly beneath a clear plastic bubble. Streamers in black, olive, red and white are effective in trout streams.

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