The Best Fishing Knives

The Best Fishing Knives
A good fishing knife for prepping line and cleaning fish is an indispensable piece of gear for a fisherman for various functions. The uses for a good knife include hook sharpening and removal, cutting line, and cleaning and preparing fish. When a fish is thrashing at the end of a line, having a quality fishing knife handy is imperative. The best fisherman's tools are ones that serve multiple purposes, make chores like filleting easier, and are built of materials that can withstand the elements.

Gerber Flik Fish

Gerber's Flik Fish multi-tool is essentially a pocket toolbox for fishermen. Among its features are hook removing pliers, pinch cutters for cutting hooks, carbide coated hook sharpening file, scissors that can cut 150# line, and a saw, all in a tool that weighs just over half a pound and fits comfortably on a fisherman's belt for easy access. In a gear review on, Will Stewart a skeptic of multi-tools was converted, saying that the Flik Fish was "far more purpose-built, natural, and capable than I'd imagined a multi-tool could be," and noted Gerber's trend towards high-quality components with an enthusiastic "high-five to Gerber for quality parts!"

Spyderco Pacific Salt

Salt water is notorious for its tendency to rust metal, and many fishermen have lamented the deterioration of a beloved knife to saltwater fishing. Well, with each component treated to resist rusting, Spyderco's Pacific Salt pocket knife solves this problem. In a Pro Angler's Journal review, Clay Eavenson called it "a product that I couldn't live without," and lauded the Pacific Salt for its ability to resist rusting in an exclusively saltwater environment while retaining its sharpness. He summarized the review by saying that if you fish saltwater and you want a pocketknife, "you'd be foolish not to have this as your main pocket knife on your boat."

Buck Knives Silver Creek Fillet

For many fishermen, preparing a fish isn't nearly as fun as catching it, but a proper fillet knife can make cleaning a fish a more enjoyable experience. With its sharpness and flexibility, Buck Knives' Silver Creek Fillet knife is a solid entry. Luke Casey reviewed the Silver Creek Fillet for, and noted its "excellent flexibility," as well as its sharpness and its ability to be resharpened. After weeks of use, Casey concluded by saying that the Fillet Knife effectively gets "fisherman done with processing their catch and on to enjoying the fish fillets without unnecessary delay."

Article Written By Billy Brown

Billy Brown is an outdoor sports writer living in Northern California. An avid rock climber and trail runner, he's been writing about outdoor activities, fitness and gear since 2005. He regularly contributes to "The Record Searchlight,", and, as well as other print and online publications. Brown holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Simpson University and is a NASM-certified personal trainer.

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