Bass Fishing Books

Bass Fishing Books
Bass fishing is a technical sport and literature can help improve fishing success. Many books also have entertaining stories with detailed descriptions of encounters with bass. The large number of books and videos available makes it possible to learn about bass fishing without a personal instructor or mentor. Many of the books are authored by professional fisherman who are willing to share valuable information and fishing tips.

Roland Martin's 101 Bass-Catching Secrets

This book has excellent reader reviews on and offers the reader expert advice. Roland Martin is recognized as an expert bass fisherman through his tournament titles, books, articles and television series. The book has numerous tips and techniques about fishing with lures, plugs and baits. It tells the reader how to find bass in different conditions and how to induce strikes.

The Bass Angler's Almanac

Written by outdoor author John Weiss, this book has a wealth of bass fishing information. Weiss has written extensively about hunting and fishing and uses a scientific and practical approach to bass fishing. The book describes the biology of largemouth and smallmouth bass and offers advice about locating and catching bass in a variety of conditions. It also covers basic food sources and lure and bait imitations that get the strike.

Bass Wisdom

Bass Wisdom by Homer Circle offers years of advice to the beginning and advanced angler. Circle uses 50 years of experience as a bass fisherman and 30 years as a Sports Afield editor to create an information packed book. The book has excellent reader reviews from and has information about every aspect of locating and catching bass.

In Pursuit of Giant Bass

In this book Bill Murphy describes advanced techniques about locating and catching large bass. Murphy has caught numerous trophy bass and has the pictures to prove the success of his techniques. The book has excellent reviews from and is ideal for experienced fisherman looking for advanced strategies.

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