Recommended Lures for Striped Bass

Recommended Lures for Striped Bass
Striped bass are very aggressive fish and will attack large vibrant lures. Lures should imitate bait fish and have a natural swimming motion in the water. Lures are most effective when fished at the same depth of the bass. Topwater lures work well when bass are crashing into baitfish on the surface and fast sinking lures work when the bass are moving through deeper water.


Swimming plugs are large lures designed to trigger aggressive strikes. Bombers and Rapalas are effective in a variety of colors and can be effectively fished at a moderate depth. When the fishing is slow, use a slow retrieve to make the lure appear wounded. When the bass are chasing bait fish, use a fast retrieve and expect a very hard strike. Plugs come in a variety of sizes with the largest being the best for striped bass.


Poppers are designed to fish on the surface of the water. The lures are effective when striped bass are chasing schools of bait fish on the surface. Birds feeding or circling the water can point in the direction of a feeding frenzy. Poppers are heavy enough to cast a long distance. This gives you a stealthy advantage and prevents you from spooking the bass. The color of the popper should match the bait fish present and a large size is ideal for making noise and attracting bass.


The spoon is a classic metal lure that is extremely effective. Spoons are heavy and can be controlled by letting the lure sink for several seconds before beginning the retrieve. The lures are good as a searching pattern on a slow day. The swimming action of the lure and the bright reflection of the metal appears to be a bait fish and bass will viciously attack the lure.

Needlefish Lures

Needlefish lures can be found in several different styles and colors. Lures constructed of wood are buoyant and float near the surface of the water, plastic lures sink slowly and metal lures sink at a rapid rate. The lures are effective for imitating eels and are best used in turbulent water. In calm water the lure has very little action but rough seas will provide natural movements. Fish the lure on a slow retrieve and use it near rocky shorelines. The buoyancy of the lures will prevent snagging on the rocks. Popular colors include purple, silver, black and white.

Plastic Lures

Soft plastic lures are an excellent choice for saltwater and freshwater. The lures can be used to imitate worms and bait-fish and can be purchased as a prescented package. Plastic lures with jig heads are best for fishing deep water while unweighted lures work in shallow flats and shoals. Worm imitations are ideal for freshwater and bait-fish can be used in both freshwater and saltwater. Bait fish imitations should be chosen to match the size and color of the natural. This will vary depending on the region but silver, white and chartreuse are commonly used as shad imitations.


Spinner baits are very active in the water and can attract bass from a distance. The lures use a straight body with a thin piece of metal that rotates around the body when retrieved. Use a fast retrieve to create a continuous motion. Marabou or hair tails on these lures add extra motion and help disguise the hook. Spinners come in general colors with black and red, yellow and black, and silver and white being good all-around color combinations.

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