Attractions near West Point, New York

Attractions near West Point, New York
West Point, New York rests along the Hudson River and is home to the prestigious United States Military Academy. Due to the town's proximity to the Hudson, West Point's visitors can take advantage of water activities, such as fishing and boating. Many of the recreational sites within West Point are exclusively used by the Academy's cadets. However, there are recreational areas within close proximity to West Point that are available for your use.

Harvard Black Rock Forest

The Harvard Black Rock Forest is approximately 20 minutes west of West Point and consists of over 3,700 acres of forested and hilly areas. This park has trails for hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking. These trails include the Black Rock Forest Trail and the Forest Peaks to Pond Trail. Harvard Black Rock also facilitates fishing and boating on its seven ponds and four streams: Black Rock Brook, Canterbury Brook, Cascade Brook and Mineral Springs Brook. The park has an on-site Center for Science and Education that serves as a source of information for Harvard Black Rock's visitors. There are also lodging accommodations available at the park's Forest Lodge, which can host up to 60 people.

Harvard Black Rock Forest
129 Continental Road
Cornwall, NY 12518
(845) 534-4517

Storm King State Park

Storm King State Park rests on the western banks of the Hudson River, less than 25 minutes north of West Point. This park offers facilities for picnics and camping, as well as trails for hiking and horseback riding. Trails at Storm King include the Storm King State Park Trail, a three-mile path and the Storm King Summit Trail, which leads up to the top of the Storm King Mountain. The Storm King Mountain offers opportunities for mountain climbing. You also can undertake fishing and boating activities on the Hudson River. The trails and facilities at Storm King State Park are accessible since U.S. Highway runs right beside the park.

Storm King State Park
Palisades Interstate Park Commission
Bear Mountain, NY 10911
(845) 786-2701

Hudson Highlands State Park

Hudson Highlands State Park is less than 20 minutes away from West Point and is on the opposite side of the Hudson River. Much of this 6,000-acre park is undeveloped, but there are trails available for hiking and cycling. Some of these trails include the Cornish Estate Trail and Mount Taurus Trail; both of these trails are at the south end of the park. Yet another trail in the Hudson Highlands State Park is the Breakneck Ridge Trail, a nine-mile path that elevates up to 1,250 feet; this trail has been rated by as the number one trail in North America. Water activities, such as fishing and boating are available at the Hudson River and Breakneck Brook, a stream that connects the Hudson to Lake Surprise. Camping is not allowed in the park.

Hudson Highlands State Park
Route 9D
Beacon, NY 10512
(845) 225-7207

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