The Best Bait for Stocked Trout

The Best Bait for Stocked TroutStocked trout are fun to catch and provide experienced and inexperienced fishermen an opportunity to locate and easily catch fish. Stocked trout are also great for introducing kids to the sport of fishing. They are not picky feeders and bite on a variety of baits and lures.


PowerBait is a favorite for catching stocked trout. It has a variety of color combinations and easily molds around a hook. Orange, chartreuse and rainbow are popular colors to form around the hook in a small ball. PowerBait tends to float but a small amount of split shot will sink it below the surface. You can use the bait with a bobber or allow the weight to sink it. The smell and color of PowerBait are very effective for catching stocked trout. PowerBait also comes in a dough form designed to imitate the pellets trout eat in the hatchery.


Live worms and night crawlers are very effective for catching stocked trout. Thread the worm over the hook, barely exposing the hook point. Worm threaders can assist in the process of attaching the worm to the hook. The live worm makes motion in the water and attracts trout. If you are getting bites but losing the fish, consider cutting the worm in half. This will allow the trout to contact your hook. Worms also are effective for bass, pan fish and catfish.

Salmon Eggs

salmon eggs

Most fishing tackle stores sell salmon eggs. The red eggs have high success rates on stocked trout and are among the easiest baits to put on a hook. Simply slide two or three eggs over the point of the hook and you are ready to fish. Use salmon eggs beneath a bobber or on the bottom with the use of split shot. Salmon eggs are also effective on bass and pan fish.

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