The Best RV Truck Campers

The Best RV Truck Campers
The versatility, affordability and convenience of RV truck campers makes them popular with outdoor enthusiasts. These campers let you tow trailers or boats, they go places most RVs can't, they're easy to remove when you're ready to haul something else and they don't use an expensive motorized or trailer chassis. Frames are available as a fixed or folding hard-wall, or a partial soft-wall, depending on the profile and amount of insulation you want. Many truck campers fit half-ton beds but only full-size trucks can handle demanding long term use.

Northstar Escape Pod

If you have a flatbed truck, Northstar offers a good alternative to class C or B RVs. Their Escape Pod doesn't have the limitations of truck bed campers so the additional floor space in its layout can handle more appliances, storage and a bigger bathroom. It also includes other extras the competition leaves out such as a side door for easy entrance when pulling a trailer, electric corner jacks, insulated windows, full shower, generator storage and a refrigerator.

Aliner Truck Cabin Freedom

Weighing in at only 500 pounds, this foldout camper has a unique peaked roof and cabin like appearance. It fits a complete range of compact to full-size truck beds and collapses to a tiny 30 inches to minimize aerodynamic drag. The Truck Cabin Freedom sets up in just 30 seconds but its insulated solid wall construction with tinted windows and tracked curtains provides good privacy and protection. Its spartan yet comfortable interior is available with a toilet, refrigerator and air conditioning. Since a used Truck Cabin Freedom can be had for as little as $3,000, as of 2010, it's a great entry-level camper.

Lance 830

This unique short-bed camper has a side entrance and Euro design. In its modern and spacious interior, drawers and cabinets are concealed behind Euro-styled doors. A round, deep-basin sink in the galley and a full-sized bathroom with a sliding curved door complete the look. The optional fold-down rear tent adds additional sleeping space and a sloping front nose reduces drag for better mileage. With all this to offer the Lance 830 is what a luxury truck camper should be.

Northwood Arctic Fox 992

Northwood pioneered truck camper slide outs and the Arctic Fox is America's most popular camper with a full-wall slide out (according to Northwood). The staff of RV Consumer Group have recognized the value and reliability of this camper with consistent four-star ratings. It's a true four-season camper that has rigid foam insulation, freeze-resistant tanks and water lines, a heated basement and 20,000 BTU furnace. The slide out adds 26 inches of depth and a transverse floor provides additional floor space. With its aircraft-style frame and walk-on roof that supports 26 people, the Arctic Fox is ready for anything. When it comes to quality, Northwood is hard to beat.

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