Top 10 Bass Lures

Top 10 Bass Lures
Few things stir the blood like a largemouth bass breaking the surface, his broad tail beating the water into a frothy foam, his huge mouth spread to accept your offering. Pro bass fisherman use their favorite lures to consistently win tournaments, and they each have favorite go-tour lures for any water or fishing condition. With the 10 best, you can catch the bass of your dreams.

4.25" RipRoller

Multiple pro bass tournament winner Roland Martin swears by the famous 4.25" RipRoller for bringing in the trophy bass time after time.

Spicy Shad Laser Lure Jerkbait

Bass pro and Bass Master Classic contender Mike Iaconelli says, "Early season is an awesome time for jerkbaits," and his favorite is the Spicy Shad Laser Lure. These high-tech lures come in Deep Diver, Shallow Diver and Super Shallow Diver models and you fish them just as you would your favorite lure.

Strike King Lipless Red Eye Shad Crankbait

Longtime tournament winner Kevin VanDam, known as the Tiger Woods of bass fishing, has a favorite tournament lure: a 1/4-3/8 ounce Strike King Lipless Red Eye Shad crankbait. VanDam says, "I once won a tournament in Florida yo-yoing a chrome Strike King crankbait through the grass." This shad crankbait has an unusual action in that it shimmies and shakes as it sinks. It excels when used in shallow grassy areas and flat points.

Berkley Power Lizard

Flipping and pitching pro Gary Klein loves to use a Texas-rigged Berkley Power Lizard. It performs best in colored water. You should use natural forage colors like green pumpkin and brown. As with many soft plastics, a slow retrieve works best--the slower, the better.

Bronzeye Signature Series Frog

Tournament fisherman Dean Rojas regularly busts record bass with his favorite soft plastic lure, the Bronzeye Signature Series Frog. He says, "Throwing a frog shouldn't be confined to near shore fishing."


This traditional lure is not only fun to fish, it is a killer bass lure. When the bass are hitting top water lures early in the morning or late in the day, try a flatfish in a number of different color patterns. Darker colors seem to work best in colored water conditions.

Lunker Lure Original Rattleback Jig

Tournament pro and celebrity fishing guide Randy Howell sticks with this Lunker Lure Rattleback jig in 3/8 ounce with a 5-inch long twin tail grub when trying to land lunker bass. The jig imitates shad, a baitfish, in clear or stained water conditions.
John Merwin, famed outdoor writer for "Field and Stream" says, "The world's best lure is a jig."

Rattlin' Rapala

Sound spurs curiosity in bass and attracts an aggressive strike time after time. That's why the Rattlin' Rap is such an impressive performer. Used by pros and amateurs, the Rattlin' Rap should have a place in every bass fisherman's tackle box.


This nearly timeless bass lure by the Arbogast company is perhaps best known for its night-fishing capabilities. The jitterbug is a top water lure that makes an impressive display; it splashes and gurgles even when reeled back in with a slow retrieve.

ACAST Magic Swimmer

One of the hottest lures of 2010 may well be this lipless crankbait designed and developed by Patrick Sébile of France. This new design resembles baitfish that big fish feed on. It is a jointed lure with a sound chamber that emits a subtle chatter.

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