The Best Carpeting for RVs

The Best Carpeting for RVs
People that own RV's, worship vacationing in them. They lovingly fix and decorate them up on a regular basis. Like homes, owners commonly tend to keep their RV's for many years. All that usage can cause wear and tear on the vehicle inside and out, more specifically, the carpeting inside. Across the board, carpeting maintains a popular status among RV owners as a flooring alternative. Many different companies specialize in carpeting for RV's, such as Shaw, Mohawk, TufTex, Camelot, Fabrica, Stanton, and Stainmaster.

Polypropylene/ Olefin

Although this carpet fiber is inexpensive, it proves itself as a great selection as far as livability is considered. Olefin, otherwise known as polypropylene, offers amazing stain resistance to water based stains as well as bleach stains. Resistance to oil based stains will depend on how quickly the spill gets cleaned up. This carpet variety also repels fading from sunshine.

On the downside, olefin may wear a bit faster than other varieties, due to its poor abrasion resistance. The fibers tend to fuse or "crush" together if large objects, such as furniture, get dragged over it or placed on top of its surface. In an RV, perhaps this variety would maintain a more "youthful" appearance if used as a hallway runner versus entire living space area or bedroom where the bulkier furniture tends to reside.


Thanks to having good quality abrasion resistance, nylon can firmly stand up to high traffic. Resilient to soil and mildew, RV owners, as well as home owners, prefer this fiber in their traveling abode. Unfortunately, the owner or installer needs to spray a quality stain resistant solution onto the carpet in order to achieve a resistance to spills and other "accidents." However, this non-allergenic type of flooring is very easy to clean and maintain. Spraying a stain guard on your carpet is fairly easy and should not subsist as a major factor against choosing this type of fiber for your RV.


Also known as art, art wool or man-made wool, this type normally gets used for commercial purposes. It is perfect for high traffic areas. Less expensive than wool, it resists soil and static as well as moths and mildew. Cleaning this fiber is easy and comes available in a wide array of colors. Like other fibers, it resists fading from sunlight; however, happens to remain more resilient than nylon. For these reasons, acrylic fiber carpeting may be the wisest and most economical choice for RV's. That said, acrylic carpeting is not suitable for high traffic spaces due to poor abrasion quality.

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