Shimano Stella 10000Fa Parts List

Shimano Stella 10000Fa Parts List
The Shimano Stella line of spinning reels are among the most advanced on the market. However, much of the advanced technology involved has to do with the materials used rather than the design itself, so some familiarity with the parts used in your Stella reel is essential for customizing and repairing it.

The Body

Unlike most spinning reels, the main body assembly of the Stella comes in two parts, the main body and the side cover. The main body mounts onto the rod and the side cover mounts over the drive gear. The handle attaches through a hole in the side cover.


The Handle

The handle of the Stella has two types, B and C. Both attach to a standard metal shaft, but the B type is a plastic grip, while the C type is a rounded knob. The handle extends into a drive shaft which goes into the body of the reel.

The Drive Gear

The drive gear connects the spinning reel's handle to the pinion shaft, which drives the rotor, and therefore the reel itself. This small assembly is housed within the body of the reel.

The Rotor and Spool

The rotor is the housing that supports the spool. The rotor mounts on the body, over the main shaft, and the spool in turn mounts on the rotor. This assembly forms a stack on the main shaft, which includes drag washers, the clutch gears and bearings.

The Ball Arm

This is the mechanism that sets spinning reels apart from other fishing reels. The ball arm is mounted at the front of the spool and allows the fishing line to move only in or out. It flips over when the angler starts to reel, switching from letting the reel out to only letting it in. It can be manually moved over to allow more line out.


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