Shimano Reel Parts

Shimano Reel Parts
Shimano produces and sells some of the most advanced fishing reels on the market, as well as other fishing equipment, including rods, line and lures. Generously, they list schematics of all their reels, both past and present, on their website. Parts are commonly available online and at fishing supply stores, so it is possible to do your own repairs once you understand all the parts.

Frame and Plates

The frame and plates form the body of the reel. They can be made of a variety of materials, depending upon the reel, including brass and plastic. The body has a mount that attaches to the reel and the plates cover the sides of the body, offering some protection from the elements.


Drive Shaft and Accessories

The drive shaft is the central axle of the reel, and most of the rest of the reel parts, including various gears and the line spool itself, mount over it. The most important parts are the central shaft and the gears that allow the reel to move smoothly in both directions. The movement of the central shaft and the gears are assisted with several washers and bearings.

The Spool

This part mounts on the main shaft and holds the fishing line. It does not move freely, but only with the central shaft. Spools are made of metal or plastic and can vary dramatically from reel to reel.

Drag Washer and Friction Washer

Shimano reels have one or both of these accessories, which mount over the drive shaft to impede the reel's speed. This works both ways, so you can't wind so quickly as to damage the reel and so a fish cannot run out your line too quickly.

Handle and Grips

The handle is the most exposed part of the reel and the most easily customized. It consists of a metal brace that serves as a mount for one or two free-moving grips that are either rubber or plastic. This assembly attaches to one end of the drive shaft.


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