What Are the Best Fishing Baits for Bream?

What Are the Best Fishing Baits for Bream?Bream, sometimes referred to as sunfish, are not only fun and easy to catch, they also taste great. These feisty panfish are not picky when it comes to feeding and can be caught using grubs, worms, crickets or canned corn for bait. Whatever bait you choose, however, make sure it is not too large to fit in the bream's notoriously small mouth.


A fat, juicy grub or waxworm can be an irresistible offering to most hungry bream. The small size of grubs also makes them an ideal bait for bream when fished with a No. 8 or No. 10 hook.


Earthworms, redworms and nightcrawlers all work equally well for bream. When fishing with worms it is critical to make sure they are not too large for the bream's small mouth. If this is the case, bream will simply nibble on the bait, pulling it off the hook bit by bit, until you are left with an empty hook. With larger worms tear them into smaller, one half to one inch lengths that can be threaded completely onto a small hook.

Canned Corn

Just as effective as live bait, but without the mess, canned corn is a time-tested favorite for bream. Thread as many kernels as you can onto your hook once your reach your favorite fishing hole and prepare to catch fish when your hook hits the water.


Crickets and small grasshoppers are a safe bet for bream whether you decide to buy them at the bait shop or catch them yourself. Hook crickets through the back and fish them suspended a few feet beneath a bobber.

Other Baits

If you do not have access to any of the baits listed above you might consider using hotdog, summer sausage, mini marshmallows, or chicken liver, all of which can be found at your local grocery store.


Article Written By Richard Hansen

Richard Hansen grew up and currently resides in Minnesota. He graduated from Dartmouth College and has traveled extensively in Africa and South America, including the Amazon jungle. He has worked as a wilderness guide in Yellowstone and northern Minnesota, and written for Fur-Fish-Game, Dartmouth Alumni Magazine and RascalHansen.com.

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