Apache National Forest RV Parks

Apache National Forest RV Parks
Located in southeast Arizona, Apache National Forest is a major regional outdoors attraction. RV campers setting up their rigs in the Apache National Forest will find their experience more challenging than that of the typical RV park, but the forest offers some excellent hiking and fishing opportunities that more than compensate for it. As all of the RV campgrounds described are federally operated, they all have similar rules: all three are open from mid-May to September, firewood is available from the camp management, and they all welcome pets if they are kept on a leash.

Grayling Campground

Located 9,040 feet above sea level, Grayling Campground sits in a thick forest of pine and aspen next to Big Lake. There are other RV-friendly campgrounds in the national forest on Big Lake with similar features, but the main advantage Grayling offers is its small size. It is a 23-site campground that can accommodate small RVs up to 22-feet long. Every site is equipped with a fire ring, barbecue grill and picnic table, but no hookups are available. The camping facilities at Grayling include a dump station, shower house and water taps. Grayling Campground also comes equipped with a boat ramp on Big Lake and has access to hiking trails.

Grayling, AZ
(928) 537-8888

Rainbow Campground

Rainbow campground offers 152 sites, each with a fire ring, picnic table and barbecue grill. The campground is somewhat more RV-oriented than Grayling, in that it has paved roads and can accommodate up to 32-foot rigs, but once again there are no hookups. Its facilities include a dump station, water taps and centrally located shower houses. Rainbow's outdoor activities include trails for both hiking and mountain biking. There is also a boat ramp onto Big Lake, where you can fish for trout. Campers here should exercise proper anti-bear precautions with their food, as bears are known to visit the area. Other wildlife that frequently wander into Rainbow Campground are deer and skunks.

Rainbow, AZ
(928) 537-8888

Winn Campground

Winn Campground is located near both the Big Lake and the Lee Valley and offers 63 wooded sites that can accommodate rigs up to 45-feet long. Though it has the largest RV sites of the forest's Big Lake campgrounds, it has the drawback of having no hookups or dump station. However, every site does have a picnic table, barbecue grill and fire ring. The campground is serviced by water taps and vault toilets. Part of the campground borders a large meadow where elk are a frequent sight. It is also near a trail head for the route to Mt. Baldy and the fishing sites of the east and west forks of the Little Colorado River.

Winn, AZ
(928) 537-8888

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