Zebco Reel Parts

Zebco Reel Parts
Zebco's classic spincasting reel design has evolved very little over the years, making it a favorite of beginners, anglers and hobbyists. Spare parts are widely available, enabling you to customize, reconstruct and rebuild as you see fit. The basic design makes taking a reel apart, identifying the parts and putting it back together a project that you can do in one sitting.

Body, Housing and Mount

The exterior of the Zebco spincasting reel is made up of two simple parts, either plastic or metal, that form the body of the reel. These attach to either side of the center of the body, which also carries the mount that fastens to the fishing rod.


Crank Handle and Grips

This is the only moving part of the reel that is outside of the body--the crank handle is a flat piece of metal to which one or two rotating grips attach. Alternate versions of these parts are widely available and you can exchange these parts between models.

The Spool

The spool is the heart of the reel mechanism. It holds the fishing line and is mounted on a series of stacked washers and discs. These discs control the speed of the line's release, as well as arresting the line from moving forward until the trigger is pulled. These parts are all stacked on a central shaft with a bearing.

Trigger Release

At the rear of a spincasting reel is a thumb button that is depressed to release the line for casting. The mechanism includes a spring for popping the trigger back up when it is released.


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