Types of Fishing Hats

Types of Fishing Hats
When it comes to fishing, patience is a virtue. Unless a school of fish swims by, the odds of catching your limit quickly aren't good. That's why the longer you're out in the weather, the more you'll appreciate a good fishing hat. Fishing hats insulate your head and shield it from the sun and biting insects, shade your eyes and keep the rain off your face and can even make you look good.

Baseball Cap

Baseball caps are one of the most popular types of hats, so most fishermen have one laying around. The best thing about this kind of hat is the front bill that keeps the sun off your face. However, these hats are less than ideal for a lot of reasons. For example, they are easily blown off your head, the cotton material absorbs sweat and gets wet and the back of your neck remains unprotected. Other kinds of fishing hats serve a lot of important functions, and a baseball cap should only be used as a last resort.

Up-Downer Baseball Cap

Up-downer designs correct the primary shortcomings of ball caps. Their extended front bill is better at keeping the sun and rain off your face, and a roll-down cape is added in back to do the same for your neck. These hats also come with a chin strap to keeps them on your head. If you want maximum protection from the elements, this hat's a good choice.

Wide-Brimmed Caped Hat

A caped hat's design is ideal for fishing environments. The wide brim and neck cape keeps your head and neck from getting burned or wet, air vents wick away sweat, a chin strap secures the hat to your head and caped hats even float. These hats are so useful that backpackers, safari hunters, tourists and almost anyone who enjoys the great outdoors can benefit from their design.

Booney Hat

These hats were popularized by hunters, but current designs also cater to fishermen. A typical booney hat comes in light colors to reflect the sun's heat and feature a wide brim to protect your face and neck from the elements. The best ones use materials that are waterproof and breathable. Even when you're not wearing them, booney hats are easy to take along because you can roll them up and stash them anywhere. The up-downer and caped hat are better choices for fishing, but a booney hat is the next best thing.

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