Bicycle Exercise Vs. Jogging

Bicycle Exercise Vs. Jogging
Jogging strengthen muscles, offers relief from stress, improves bone mass, increases blood circulation and strengthens the function of the digestive system. Because of these physical benefits, jogging reduces the risk of disease, including breast cancer, diabetes and heart attack. Cycling reduces heart disease by decreasing belly fat and stabilizes the mood. Exercise enthusiasts can combine both activities or use each for the benefits they provide.

Impact on the Body

Cycling and jogging are two effective aerobic exercises that strengthen the heart and help with weight loss. While jogging increases your heart rate and burns calories with less stress on the body than running, it also places more stress on the joints, knees, feet and lower back than cycling. Cycling is a low-impact activity that exercises the heart without causing the inflammation and injury that can occur when jogging. Swelling in the feet, legs, knees, hips and lower back are less common with cycling versus jogging.

Calories Burned

Cycling burns more calories per hour than jogging. According to a fitness calculator provided by, a person who is 140 pounds and cycles at 20 mph for 20 minutes can potentially burn 331 calories per hour. This number is substantially greater than the calories burned when jogging. According to the same fitness calculator, a person who is 140 pounds and jogs at a rate of 10 minutes a mile for a period of 20 minutes can potentially burn 120 calories per hour. Speed, type of cycle and type of terrain influence on how many calories are burned.


Joggin uses all muscles in the body, according to Unlike cycling, which primarily exercises the lower body (including the legs and hamstrings), jogging targets the glutes, lower body, abdominals and upper body. Overall cycling improves muscle tone and strength equally as well as jogging, just in different parts of the body. For total-body strengthening, jogging is the better option, while lower body strengthening is best achieved with cycling.

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