Vacations in Wainwright, Alaska

Vacations in Wainwright, Alaska
Located on the shores of the Chukchi Sea, Wainwright is the second largest city in North Slope County, Alaska. This is the ideal wilderness location for Arctic adventure vacations. Visit this remote pristine northern city, featuring a 90% Alaskan native population, join hunting expeditions for caribou and walrus, or go whale watching with a native crew. Visit the community on your own or get in touch with a tour operator specializing in wilderness adventures when planning a vacation to Wainwright.

Visiting Wainwright

Visitors to Wainwright will find an airport, hotel, restaurant and spectacular camping areas. Outdoor sports include snowmobiling, snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing, boating and smelt fishing in the spring. Don't miss the festival of Nalukataq, a community celebration of a successful whaling season celebrated in the spring. At this and other festive occasions, enjoy Eskimo dances performed by local community members. Temperatures in Wainwright range from -56°F to 80°F, and the Chukchi Sea is unfrozen from mid-July through September. This is an alcohol-free community, providing all of the basic necessities of a remote town so visitors are within easy access of camping or other essential supplies.

City of Wainwright
P.O. Box 9
Wainwright, AK 99782
(907) 763-2815


Olgoonik Hotel and Restaurant

Located in the heart of Wainwright, this hotel has 12 rooms with satellite television, high-speed wireless Internet, two beds per room and in-room bathrooms. The hotel offers laundry facilities/services and transportation to and from the Wainwright Airport. The hotel's restaurant is open daily, offering American cuisine. Hotel manager Scot Olson declares that his hotel provides the best accommodations in the area. Choose to vacation in this remote north Alaskan city and witness artisans create native art and crafts, such as ivory figurines and jewelry, baleen boats and whale bone carvings. Stay at this hotel in Wainwright, or choose to camp in the pristine outdoors.

Olgoonik Hotel and Restaurant
566 Main St.
Wainwright, AK 99782
(907) 763-2514

Arctic Wild Tour Operator

A professional experienced wilderness adventure tour operator, Arctic Wild provides a wide variety of tours, including guided raft, canoe, backpack, and wildlife base camp adventures across arctic and sub-arctic Alaska, national parks and wildlife refuges. The tour company offers custom-made trips according to customers' preferences of timing, location, duration, sightseeing options and activities. According to Manager Michael Wald, "Our Company provides a balance among traveling, learning and free time necessary to find your own place in the Arctic. We will customize your vacation in Wainwright. Whether your interest is bird watching, hiking, photography, natural history, solitude, extreme wilderness adventure or a mellow family vacation, we will customize the best vacation that suits your needs."

Arctic Wild
P.O. Box 80562
Fairbanks, AK 99708
(888) 577-8203


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