Southern Minnesota Bass Fishing Clubs

Southern Minnesota Bass Fishing Clubs
Minnesota is the land of lakes--and is recognized as being a great place to fish for bass, as well as several other types of fish. Southern Minnesota is no exception, and is home to several bass fishing clubs. These clubs are generally involved in environmental preservation projects, youth-centered events and competitive tournaments for members.

Golden Hook Bassers

The Golden Hook Bassers are located about 10 miles northwest of Minneapolis, in southern Minnesota. A member of the Minnesota B.A.S.S. Federation Nation, the club has a relatively small membership (between 15 and 20 individuals), but still holds club tournaments, organizes youth fishing events, participates in fishing idea-sharing events, and shares a concern for environmental issues. According to the Golden Hook Basser's club website, the group meets officially about once a month, with respites in the summer.

The Golden Hook Bassers
Maple Grove, MN

Gopher Bassmasters

The Gopher Bassmasters, in Minneapolis in southern Minnesota, is the fourth-oldest B.A.S.S. Federation of Minnesota member organization in the state. The club is involved intensively in conservation efforts in the surrounding community, with a focus on youth. These efforts are part of the BASSMASTER CastingKids program, aimed at youth aged seven to 14, revolving around flipping, casting and pitching competitions as well as local environmental preservation projects. The club holds regular tournaments for its members as well (during the summer, about twice a month). The club normally meets at the American Legion in the Minneapolis suburb of Richfield.

Gopher Bassmasters
American Legion
6501 Portland Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55423
(612) 866-3647

Sportsmen Bassmasters

The Sportsmen Bassmasters are about 10 miles southwest of Saint Paul in the Minneapolis suburb of Bloomington. The club is dedicated to participating in youth-centered efforts, including the CastingKids program. The group also takes part in boat ramp clean-up and other environmental endeavors. Fishing ideas and general bass fishing education is shared by the club as well. Each year, the Sportsmen Bassmasters organizes its Points and Pounds Tournament, a competitive event for members. The club meets regularly at David Fong's Restaurant in Bloomington.

Sportsmen Bassmasters
David Fong's Restaurant
9329 Lyndale Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN‎ 55438
(952) 888-9294‎

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