Roof Top Kayak Racks

Roof Top Kayak Racks
Looking for a secure and safe way to haul your boat to the river? There are several kayak rack systems available that attach your boat securely to the roof of your car. Yakima and Thule make the most common rooftop kayak racks, which are mounted to a basic rack system that comes with factory installed or is purchased separately. Foam block-carrier systems provide a less expensive option for securing a kayak directly to the top of your car.

Yakima Roof Top Racks

Yakima has many rack systems designed to secure a wide range of kayaks to your roof. Yakima's Kayak Stacker can carry up to four kayaks on their side, and the Mako Saddles carries one sea, recreational or whitewater kayak in the upright position. Hullyrollers can be added onto many Yakima kayak racks and have rollers that make it easier to slide your boat onto the roof. The type of roof rack you choose depends on the make and model of your car as well as the number of boats you would like to carry and the features you prefer. Yakima racks are more durable than a block carrier system but are more expensive and complicated to install.

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Thule Roof Top Racks

Along with Yakima, Thule is another popular rooftop rack brand that offers a variety of kayak carriers. Thule's Hullavator is the ultimate in rooftop kayak carriers. No need to lift the boat overhead, the Hullavator rack lowers to the side of the vehicle for more convenient loading of the kayak. Thule's kayak stacker is a more economically priced rack and has room for up to four boats secured on their side. Thule also has a selection of saddles that attach directly to factory-installed racks or crossbars and the kayak is placed on the saddle and secured with straps.

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Riverside Foam Block Carriers

Riverside offers inexpensive, easy to install, temporary kayak carriers to attach to the roof of your car. Riverside kayak carrier kits come complete with foam blocks and tie-down straps. The kayak is positioned on top of foam blocks that are placed on your car. The kayak is then secured with the use of straps by attaching to the roof rack of your car, bumper or to the interior of the car. These block carrier systems are less durable than a roof rack system but are convenient because they are relatively easy to install and remove from the top of the car.

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