State Campgrounds on the Northern California Coast

State Campgrounds on the Northern California Coast
California is blessed to have some of the most stunning beaches in the world, which is why so much of the state's coastline is protected through the state park system. In northern California, the beaches may not be as warm and sandy as those in the southern areas of the state, but they are often far more dramatic, as they are frequently complemented by rocky cliffs and massive coastal forests.

Patrick's Point

Located 25 miles north of Eureka, the redwood and pine forests of Patrick's Point leave you feeling like you're days from civilization. Outside the forest lie meadows of multi-colored flowers, rocky shorelines and sandy beaches. While the chilly year-round temperatures make the campsite only suitable for the bravest of swimmers, the ethereal fog that drifts in from the chilly waves creates a hauntingly becautiful atmosphere you won't soon forget. Whether you like hiking, animal photography, rock climbing, fishing, cycling or just relaxing in the wilderness, there's something for everyone at Patrick's Point. Trailers, campers, single tents or large groups are all welcome here, and showers are available.

Patrick's Point
4150 Patrick's Point Drive
Trinidad, CA 95570
(707) 677-3570

Sonoma Coast State Park

The 17 miles of beaches that make up Sonoma Coast State Park feature some of the most diverse and beautiful coastlines in all of California. The craggy coves, sandy beaches and rocky bluffs provide guests with a chance to experience a wide array of California beaches without ever leaving the park grounds. All types of water activities are available here, including surfing, swimming, fishing, boating and seaside horseback riding. While the beach tends to be foggy in the morning, even in the summer, it usually melts off early, leaving the shores sunny for sunbathers and picnickers. Trailers, campers, bike campers, and group campers are all welcome. Showers and a dump station are available.

Sonoma Coast State Park
3095 Highway 1
Bodega Bay, CA 94923
(707) 875-3483

Salt Point State Park

With forested hills, gentle prairies and pounding surf, Salt Point State Park is full of natural beauty and diversity. The limestone cliffs, worn away with the constant washing of the waves, have fascinating shapes and curves that look entirely otherworldly. Hiking, horseback riding and fishing are all popular activities on land in the park. In the water, divers and snorkelers can take advantage of the underwater views available in one of the first underwater parks in California.
Hiking and biking campgrounds are available, as are RV sites, environmental campgrounds, and group campsites.

Salt Point State Park
25050 Coast Highway 1
Jenner CA 95450
(707) 847-3221

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