Campgrounds in Mammoth Lakes, California

Campgrounds in Mammoth Lakes, California
The beautiful Mammoth Lakes region is largely protected by both state and federal parks, particularly the massive Inyo National Forest. There are more than 800 campsites available in the area, so visitors have quite a few options when it comes to choosing the best site for their own personal interests.

Twin Lakes Campgrounds

The Twin Lakes are two small bodies of water attached by a thin straight that is covered by a bridge for passing cars. Bikers, hikers, fishers, swimmers, boaters, bird watchers and horseback riders are all welcome to enjoy their favorite past times in the shady, nature-filled area. Visitors are advised to keep an eye out for local wildlife, particularly bears, which are plentiful in the region.
The campgrounds offer 92 campsites, which are all dog friendly, restrooms, showers, a general store, boat rentals, and laundry facilities. Sites are $21 per night (prices as of January 2010).

Twin Lakes Campgrounds
Latitude/Longitude: 37.61583, -119.00694
Twin Lakes Road
Mammoth Lakes, California 93546
(760) 924 5500


Coldwater Campgrounds

While the 77 campsites at Coldwater are not lakeside, provide easy access to Lake Mary, as they are just across the street from the lake. They also provide access to an array of backcountry trails popular with mountain bikers, hikers and rock climbers. Fishing is permitted at the lake and the fire rings provide an easy way to make a great dinner from your daily catch. There is a convenience store on the property in case the fish aren't biting that day or if you need some wood to start your fire up.
Restrooms are onsite, but there are no showers, so plan ahead. Dogs are welcome to attend guest stays. Sites are $21 per night (prices as of January 2010).

Coldwater Campgrounds
Longitude/Latitude: 37.59917, -118.99694
Cold Water Creek Campground Road
Mammoth Lakes, California 93664
(760) 924-5500

Lake Mary Campgrounds

The Lake Mary campgrounds are located just to the north of the lake they are named for, and just above two scenic waterfalls. This is the most popular park in the area and while it can be too crowded and the campsites provide little privacy, the park does offer unparalleled beauty and an array of outdoor activities. Enjoy biking, hiking, swimming, fishing, rock climbing, bird watching, boating, and more in this pristine nature park that's only ten minutes away from the town of Mammoth Lakes.
Restrooms are provided, but again, there are no showers. Again, dogs are invited to go camping with their masters here. Sites are $21 per night (prices as of January 2010).

Lake Mary Campgrounds:
Longitude/Latitude: 37.6069, -119.0068
Lake Mary Road
Mammoth Lakes, California 93546
(760) 924-5500


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