Lifejackets for Dogs

Lifejackets for Dogs
Dogs make for wonderful canoeing, kayaking and swimming companions. Just like everyone else on board, canines should wear life jackets to ensure that an accidental fall into the water does not result in a vacation tragedy. It is hard to keep track of dogs while on board a boat, especially when children are present or frequent jumps into the water are made from a diving platform. This makes it possible that you do not notice that your dog is missing for quite a while. Give the animal a fighting chance by checking out life jackets for dogs today. Measure your pet, choose the right make and model and keep the dog safe but comfortable while it is wearing its safety gear.

Why Your Dog Should Wear a Lifejacket

Your dog is a natural swimmer, but there are times when fatigue, the strength of the current and also the height of the waves may be more than the animal can handle. If you are on the water in a boat and the pet goes overboard, it might sink before you even notice that the animal went missing. Lifejackets for dogs ensure that the animal has a fighting chance to stay afloat until you notice its absence and can rescue it.

Measuring Your Dog

Before you head out to the store to look at lifejackets for dogs, measure your animal. Begin by measuring its length, which goes from the onset of the tail to the place of the neck where it connects to the body. Next, measure the girth, which is the dimension around the thickest portion of the dog's body, right behind the dog's front legs. As you shop around for your dog's life vest, you will notice that they are separated by girth first and length second. For example, a small lifejacket for dogs would be considered one with 23 to 30 inches of girth and roughly 16 inches in length.

Choosing a Functional Life Vest for Your Pet

Opt for a lifejacket that has a reflective or neon coloring. If your animal falls overboard, you have an easier time spotting the pet in a neon green life vest than a camouflaged one.

Next, look for a handle on the back of the lifejacket. This handle is perfect for fishing the pet out of the water by hand or with a tool from a boat. It also allows you to attach a leash for added security when on the water.

Keep and Eye on Comfort

Whenever possible, look for canine life jackets that have breathable mesh in the belly section. Since the animal does not sweat, the vest material may cause some uncomfortable overheating, whereas the mesh allows for cool air to offer more comfort even in warm weather. An alternative to the mesh are straps that hold the lifejacket in place. Ensure that they feature some padding, or you may hurt the animal if you lift it out of the water by the lifejacket's handle.

Article Written By Sylvia Cochran

Based in the Los Angeles area, Sylvia Cochran is a seasoned freelance writer focusing on home and garden, travel and parenting articles. Her work has appeared in "Families Online Magazine" and assorted print and Internet publications.

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