Hiking Clubs in North Carolina

Hiking Clubs in North Carolina
When it comes to hiking clubs, North Carolina has plenty to offer, not only with respect to beautiful places to hike, but also to a diversity of passionate hiking clubs. Some are local, while other drive hundreds of miles early in the morning to explore far reaches of their state. Either way, if you are willing to show some flexibility of movement, no matter where you live in North Carolina, there is no shortage of options.

Cape Fear Ski and Outing Club

This club is officially based in the southeastern part of the state in Oak Island on the coast. The Cape Fear Ski and Outing Club is, as the name suggests, largely a ski club, but also engages in all types of outdoor activities, hiking included. The club is a member of both the Crescent Ski Council and the National Ski Council Federation.

Cape Fear Ski and Outing Club
P.O. Box 774
Oak Island, NC 28465

Bear Creek Hiking Club

This club is based in Robbins, NC just east of the Uwharrie National Forest. Bear Creek is more than just a hiking club, though if that is all your interested in, do not worry, there is plenty of that. The Bear Creek Hiking Club is also a conservation group, a trail-blazing organization and a place to hear lectures on hiking-related topics. They generally have three hikes planned per week.

Bear Creek Hiking Club
P.O. Box 244
Robbins, NC 27325
(910) 464 3679
(910) 986 2076

Charlotte Lady Hikers Group

The Wild Flowers hiking group and the Haphazard Hikers group have come together to form the Charlotte Lady Hikers group. As the title suggests, this is a ladies only option based in Charlotte, NC. For ladies living in other areas of the state, the good news is that this group alternates local hikes around Charlotte with longer ones more distant from their home base. Hikes are generally from between five to six miles. Keep in touch to know when they plan to hike your area.

Charlotte Lady Hikers Group
No Address Provided

The Carolina Berg Wanderers

This club, founded in the 1970's to help fans of outdoor excursions meet and enjoy each other's company, has monthly meetings at which they plan still more frequent excursions that include hikes and kayak, backpacking and biking trips. Membership dues are twenty dollars per year and, while they are based in Charlotte, they do tend to move around. Stay in touch and up-to-date via their Meetup page. Their website is no longer updated.

The Carolina Berg Wanderers
8901 Research Drive
Charlotte, NC 28262
(704) 717 1341

Carolina Mountain Club

This club is one of the most extensive in the state. These avid hikers are more than willing to drive up to 150 miles for one of their full-day hikes so it is more than possible for you to meet them half-way if you live elsewhere. Well-planned trips and the detailed itineraries that correspond to them can be found on their site. They do about 175 hikes per year and help to conserve and maintain 400 miles of trail.

Carolina Mountain Club
P.O. Box 68
Asheville, NC 28802

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