Saltwater Fishing Games

Saltwater Fishing Games
In 1977 Radio Shack released the first computerized fishing game after Pong became a worldwide sensation. Over 30 years later fishing games are still in demand and it's easy to see why. The best ones use video footage and advanced 3D animation to immerse players in an environment that's surprisingly realistic. Variables like water temperature, seasons, weather, lure selection, location and technique are all accurately reproduced. The only thing missing is your license. The games discussed here are compatible with a Windows' XP or newer computer. Sega Marine Fishing, Saltwater Sport Fishing and Reel Fishing II are not included as they only run on Sega or PlayStation systems.

Virtual Deep Sea Fishing

Interplay is a seasoned game developer and it shows in Virtual Deep Sea Fishing. You can use your mouse and the right technique to catch 18 varieties of saltwater fish. You can also fish 13 separate locations from eight different boats. If you enjoy competing against others this game accommodates up to eight people via serial or Internet connections. Prices range from $36 to $76 but you can pay less for a used game.

Deep Sea Fishing 2: Offshore Angler

Offshore Angler is another Interplay game that uses 3D graphics to create a convincing fishing experience. It takes you to 20 exotic places where you can choose from 30 varieties of bait and eight different boats. A bait cam lets you see underwater and watch fish behave like their counterparts in the real world. You can pick up Deep Sea Fishing 2 for about $40 and you'll save about $10 if you buy it used.

Fishing Frenzy

Casual Arcade's Fishing Frenzy covers a wide range of fishing adventures. Its 30 locations range from lakes and rivers to swamps and oceans. Tournaments and timed treasure hunts spice up the action and your winnings go to equipment upgrades that allow you to pursue bigger fish and prizes. In Fishing Frenzy you're not the only one who's fishing. Alligators, sharks and even sea monsters can appear when you least expect it to take away your prize. At the blowout price of $5, you won't get more bang for your gaming buck.

FishSim Version 2

The developer of FishSim captured real locations in England, Ireland, France, Scotland and Australia to create an impressively realistic fishing simulator. You can fish canals, lochs, seashores and lakes and catch almost everything you'd find in these waters (with the exception of Nessie). Almost anything that occurs in the real world can happen here. Convincing climate and weather patterns are programmed to match actual conditions at each location. Thousands of tackle choices are available and you can set multiple lines with bite alarms if you're up to the challenge. FishSim is so close to the real thing that it doesn't seem right to call it a game. It's available for about $32 in Europe and $50 in America.

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