Campgrounds in Golden Isles, Georgia

Campgrounds in Golden Isles, Georgia
Camping on the Golden Isles of the Georgia coast has a lot to offer. Covering a swathe of coastal islands starting outside of Savannah and extending to St. Mary's on the Florida state line, the region offers nature watching, fishing, sea kayaking, biking, hiking and a range of beach activities. There also is a variety of private and public campgrounds to choose from.

Golden Isles RV Park

This 14-acre campground is situated between Savannah and the Atlantic, about 7 miles from the coast. It is mostly an RV park, but there is a primitive camping area for tent campers tucked away in the back of the property. The campground has an outdoor swimming pool, two coin laundries, playground, TV room (free Wi-Fi is available in and around the TV room) and a dump station. The park also operates a buffet restaurant, near the road at the front of the property.

Golden Isle RV Park
7445 Blythe Island Hwy.
Brunswick, GA 31523
(912) 261-1025

Cumberland Island National Seashore

Located at the southern end of the Georgia coast is Cumberland Island National Seashore, which offers both developed and backcountry campsites. The developed campgrounds are Sea Camp and Stafford Beach Campground, both of which have shower houses and fire rings. Backcountry campsites are at Yankee Paradise, Brickhill Bluff and Hickory Hill. Campfires are banned at these sites, so camp stoves must be used instead. All water at backcountry sites comes from local sources, which must be treated, and "leave-no-trace" practices are required. Campers are permitted a maximum stay of seven days at Cumberland Island. The Cumberland Island National Seashore supports a range of outdoor activities, including hiking, nature watching, fishing and open-water swimming.

Cumberland Island National Seashore
P. O. Box 806
St. Marys, GA 31558
(912) 882-4336

Skidaway Island State Park

Skidaway Island is nestled in the middle area of the Georgia coast. The 588-acre park has a mix of tent and trailer/RV campsites. The park mixes forests of live oak draped with Spanish moss with salt marshes, and there is an observation tower to help visitors spot deer, raccoons and the plethora of birds. There are short hiking and biking trails in the park, and facilities include three playgrounds, picnic areas and public bathrooms.

Skidaway Island State Park
52 Diamond Causeway
Savannah, GA 31411
(912) 598-2300

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