Most Popular Ski Apparel Brands

Most Popular Ski Apparel Brands
If you walk into an outdoor sporting goods store such as REI in wintertime, you will find yourself assaulted by a number of different brands of ski apparel, with logos appearing on hats, jackets, gloves, pants and more. Among the top brands for ski apparel, according to Galtech buying guides, are The North Face, Columbia and Patagonia.

The North Face

North Face specializes in a variety of outdoor clothing. In addition to ski apparel, the company also specializes in clothing for hiking, rock climbing, running and other outdoor activities. North Face doesn't just do clothing either. The company has branched out into other areas, putting The North Face logo on equipment such as backpacks, sleeping bags even tents. According to the company's website, some of its bestselling ski apparel includes the women's femtech triclimate jacket, which is a three-in-one jacket featuring a waterproof exterior shell and an insulated interior jacket that zips into each other but can also be worn separately. The men's vortex triclimate jacket is North Face's most popular men's ski jacket.


Columbia Sportswear Company is another popular outdoor clothing company that specializes in winter clothing, apparel for hiking, running, fishing and even golf. Columbia makes a variety of apparel including jackets, pants, hats, gloves, shoes and backpacks. The company makes both separate waterproof outer shells and fleece jackets as well as jackets which they call "interchange," which has a zip-in fleece lining. Columbia's winter clothing uses a technology that the company calls Omni-tech. Omni-tech creates fabric that is waterproof yet breathable. It keeps out water and other outside elements and wicks moisture away from the skin to keep the wearer comfortable and dry. Columbia's outerwear clothing  comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


Patagonia is a company that specializes in apparel for skiing, yoga, rock climbing and also surfing. Patagonia's label can be found on a variety of clothing such as boardshorts and waders and also on bags, backpacks and laptop bags. Some popular Patgonia products include its Capilene top, which are numbered between one and three. A Capilene one is a light T-shirt to be worn in warm weather, and the Capilene three is a cold-weather top designed to keep the user warm and dry while doing cold-weather activities. It also has a Capilene three bottoms, perfect for wearing under waterproof, shell pants when skiing. Rather than make the three-in-one ski jackets that Columbia and The North Face are known for, Patagonia has made its mark making clothing that is worn underneath the outer ski wear.

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