Safety Rules for Swimming

Safety Rules for Swimming
A popular urban legend claims that eating before swimming will result in cramps and likely drowning. Of course it's not true. Eating before swimming will not cause cramps, even if performed 20 seconds before swimming, but the fear stems from the very real danger that swimming represents. Eating may have nothing to do with it, but drowning is still one of the top forms of accidental death for children, making swimming safety of paramount concern. You can prevent most drownings easily with just a little extra care and attention. Knowing the proper steps to take to ensure swimming safety, without the false information spread through urban legends, can help you and your children stay safe in the water.

Partner Up

This is a tried and true method to ensure that someone is watching out for you at all times. The partner method relies on dividing swimmers into pairs. That way each child has someone looking out for their safety. Remain aware of each pair of swimmers to ensure that no one ditches their partner or is being otherwise irresponsible.

Life Jackets

While no one wants to be stuck wearing a life jacket every time they go swimming, using life jackets can be one of the most important measures to prevent drowning. A quick swim test can determine who is not fit to be swimming without a life jacket. Make sure to wear a life jacket when swimming around large rocks, near docks or around diving boards to prevent hitting your head and knocking yourself out.

The Cold

Hypothermia or its early stages often leads to drowning. Hypothermia can happen even on the warmest summer days. Look for children with blue lips---an early sign of hypothermia. Remove children who are shivering or who have blue lips from the water, and put them under a warm shower immediately.

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