ATV Trails for Winter in Northern Utah

ATV Trails for Winter in Northern Utah
Utah is one of the most impressive places on the planet when it comes to natural beauty, the diversity of its ecological systems and the just plain amazing wide-open spaces. There are many ATV trails in the northern half of Utah where you can enjoy (and respect) these spaces, but not all of them are viable options for winter riding.


In Northwestern Utah about 40 miles east of Wendover, which is almost in Nevada, ATV enthusiasts can enjoy Knolls, a 36,000-acre sand pile. This is a great place to escape to in winter, and the area should not have any more snow than the valley floor of Salt Lake City. This is also a good family option, as the trails are plentiful and well tread.

How to get there: Knolls is 78 miles west of Salt Lake City, 40 miles east of Wendover. Take I-80 to the Knolls exit. Turn south on the frontage road towards Knolls. After about one and a half to two miles you will see the sand dunes are on both sides of the road.

Little Sahara Recreation Area

Sand deposits left by the Sevier River over 15,000 years have created the Little Sahara, which is 60,000 acres of impressive sand dunes. This area is a dream for ATV riding, motorcycle riding and dune buggy riding. Because of this, however, it is perhaps the most used public land in all of Utah. You can ride here year-round, but beware of crowds on public holidays.

How to get there: Little Sahara is located roughly 115 miles from Salt Lake City, Utah. Pass through the town of Nephi and look for signs. You will find the Little Sahara access road about four miles west of Jericho Junction.

Jughandle Arch

Named as such thanks of the unique appearance of the arch that the trails passes by, this is a more traditional trail, great for beginners, and is open year-round. Ride a 38-mile loop in about three hours over dirt, slickrock and a bit of pavement. This is an excellent way to enjoy Utah's canyon lands.

How to get there: Head southeast from Moab on Highway 279. There is a parking area on the south side of the highway approximately two miles west of the eastern entrance.

Five Mile Pass

Just south of Salt Lake City, this area is a popular and extensive ATV venue. There is plenty of space here, and plenty of options. Pay attention to signage as the area is a rather complicated patchwork or both public and private lands. Also, keep in mind that there were and are still mines around here. ATV riders have lost their lives jumping over ridges only to find a steep drop into a mine awaiting them. Proceed with caution.

How to get there: Go more or less 15 miles west of the town of Lehi on Highway 73 to the Tooele/Utah County border and pay attention to signage.

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