Snow Games for Kids

Snow Games for Kids
Snow can be a great playing field for all kinds of games. Without a bit of prodding, however, kids may look at snow as one big, white boring expanse. Playing in the snow has a number of pluses for kids. Snow is soft, it can be built and maneuvered into various shapes and, above all, it gets the kids outdoors and running around in the winter.

Snowball Games

Throwing snowballs is a traditional way to have some winter fun, and that fun can be enhanced even greater with a few snowball games. Snowball tag can be played much the same as regular tag, with one person being "It" who has to tag someone else to get rid of the "It" distinction. Rather than tagging each other with their hands, the person who is "It" uses snowballs to tag their playmates.

Snowball baseball can also be fun, using a regular bat or large stick to hit snowballs instead of baseballs. Balls that are completely blown apart by the bat make for an automatic home run.

One more snowball game is snowball wars, where kids are divided into two groups. Each group constructs a snow fort for cover as they pelt the other group's fort and players with snowballs. The group whose members are hit by the least number of snowballs wins.

Tossing Games

Other items besides snowballs can be tossed for fun in the snow. A hat tossing game can provide plenty of amusement when kids have to toss the hat atop the snowman. Kids can build several snowmen of varying heights and stand at varying distances to try their tossing ability on all of them. Rather than use their own hats, dig out an old top hat or other chapeau for kids to use.

A giant bull's-eye in the snow can offer another challenge. Kids can build the bull's-eye flat or on a slope from piles of snow and markings made with sticks. They throw small rocks or other objects at the bull's-eye, keeping track of points by how close they get to the center of the target.

Snow Contests

Kids can show off their creativity with various snow building contests. They can work individually or in teams to see who can create the biggest snowball, starting with a small ball and then rolling it along the snow. They can also build snow buildings or artwork, including forts, snowmen or women, snow animals or any number of different designs. Creations can be judged on the tallest, widest, silliest, most elaborate or by which one was finished first. Top off the contest with little ribbons or markers made of sticks to denote the winners. An added bonus of a snow contest is the results: you get a yard or campsite full of creative snow sculptures.

Article Written By Ryn Gargulinski

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