Camping in Grand Teton National Park

Camping in Grand Teton National Park
Located in Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park is often overshadowed by its neighbor to the north, Yellowstone. Grand Teton itself is an imposing mountain, at over 13,000 feet. Part of one of the most visually stunning mountain vistas in the United States, Grand Teton's views are just one of the park's incredible features. The park also features over 200 miles of trails. For those inclined to stay overnight, Grand Teton National Park also has a wealth of options for campers.


Grand Teton National Park contains five main campsites. While one, Jenny Lake, is for tents only, the other campsites allow cars and RVs. The campsites are full-featured with bathrooms and water. All campgrounds are first-come, first-serve.


Backwoods Camping

More rugged camping in the Tetons requires a backcountry permit. These permits can be acquired at ranger stations throughout the park. Camping is only allowed in designated areas, 1/3 of which can be reserved in advance. Backcountry camping can help you get more in touch with nature by carrying you away from the busier roadside areas.

Colter Bay Village

Colter Bay Village is one of the three primary lodge areas within Grand Teton National Park. For those interested in a more upscale place to stay, the lodges have a number of accommodation options and restaurants. Colter Bay Village also has cabins for rent. Stay in a log cabin with your family, drop by the General Store, and you'll likely have a relaxing time along the Jackson Lake coast.


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