Camping Supplies for Dogs

Camping Supplies for DogsCamping with a dog can add a whole new element to your outdoor adventures. Having a faithful companion along for the trip can provide company, protection and fun. Of course, camping with the pooch also presents additional obstacles. You need to limit your trips to parks and campsites that allow pets. Additionally, it is important that your dog's vaccinations and treatments are up to date, both for the protection of your pet and for the safety of the local wildlife. Be aware that your dog may have increased exposure to ticks and fleas, so be sure to have the proper tick/flea collars, repellents or applications. Finally, camping with a dog will require extra gear and supplies. Luckily, there is a wealth of products available to make camping with dogs a simple and enjoyable experience.


It is a good idea to have your dog help carry his supplies, particularly if you plan on going hiking. Dog backpacks are designed to strap around the front and under the stomach of your dog. These packs typically have two satchel pockets that hang down on either side. Use one side for food and store water and a collapsible drinking bowl on the other side.

ID Tags

It is a good idea to have temporary identification tags made for each trip. These tags can have your address and phone number, but should also include more trip-specific details, such as an itinerary and list of campsites.

Water Dish

Most dogs are not used to slurping water from a bottle, so you'll need to bring a dish for your pooch. There are a number of collapsible, lightweight doggy bowls available. Pick one large and sturdy enough that your dog will not knock it over, wasting water.

Plastic Bags

It is important to deal with your dog's messes, even in the backwoods. Bring plastic bags or trash bags to pick up your dog's leavings. Consider bringing an additional sealed container to store the waste in for the duration of your camping trip.


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