Speedos Vs. Swim Shorts

Speedos Vs. Swim Shorts
A widespread source of entertainment, water is utilized by people and cultures all over the world. The existence of water parks and water sports such as skiing, surfing and wake boarding makes it easy to enjoy the water. There have, as a result, been various types of acceptable attire to accompany these activities, both leisurely and exertive. Hence, the birth of the debate between men's swim shorts and men's Speedos.


Of course, there are many mixed views regarding this controversial piece of clothing. The main problems revolve around people who do not wish to see a man's body in such precise detail. Many men who choose to adorn themselves with this little piece are, in fact, well-proportioned and in good physical condition by society's standards. Most people, surprisingly enough, do not have an issue when considering these Speedo advocates. The issues arise when society's interpretation of people who are in "less-than" good physical condition sport a Speedo. Many spectators view this as being offensive rather than simply unattractive. A man can, however, enjoy more exposure to the sun on parts of the legs that would otherwise remain covered when wearing swim shorts as well as enjoy a more elemental experience with the water. In addition, regardless of the visuals, a certain degree of confidence or 'arrogance,' depending on how the spectator perceives it, seems to radiate from the man, attracting some while repelling others.

Swim Shorts

Universally seen as a safer approach to men's swimwear, swim shorts account for almost no moral or visual controversy whatsoever. Seen as far more conservative than the Speedo, swim shorts tend to be much more accepted by the collective public. Being that they're substantially looser than the Speedo and considering that they cover much more of the man's body while revealing a great deal less, more men choose to wear swim shorts than the alternative. Another enticing element surrounding the qualities of attraction regarding swim shorts is the "less is more" phenomenon. Many women find that the "relaxed, sexy, surfer edge" adds a bit of mystery to what's underneath.

What the Experts Say

According to Stuart Gayle, the managing director of the Pierce Allen design firm in Manhattan, "Once you get out of college, you need to move on." This reckoning manifested on a trip he took with his wife to the South of France where droves of colorful, mid-thigh cotton trunks decorated the male beach enthusiasts. While a bit more conservative than the Speedo, these pieces are certainly more liberal than the baggy, knee-length swim shorts we see on many American beaches. These trunks are along the lines of the trim, shorter styles of the 1960s. Fashion watchers say the transition is inevitable. "The guys have decided to show off the legs again," said Evelyn Richardson McGee, a manager of the California surf line Birdwell Beach Britches. Let the metamorphosis begin.

Article Written By Scott Foster Harris

Having attended Texas A&M at Commerce and the University of North Texas, Scott Harris' enthusiasm for writing everything from history to poetry has allowed him the opportunity to work professionally since leaving college a semester early in early 2002. Though young, he has already been published with such staples as Amylase Entertainment and is well known in the music industry as a songwriter and poet.

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