The Best Places to Retire for Trout Fishing

The Best Places to Retire for Trout Fishing
There are many places where you can retire to in trout fishing areas. The majority of top towns are in the western United States, but a few are located in the East and Midwest. The best trout towns for retirement offer a range of fishing options, a low or moderate cost of living and community services.

Hailey, Idaho

This town, which is surrounded by trout waters, offers year-round fishing opportunities for trout and steelhead and is a short drive to several fisheries. The Big Wood River flows on the outskirts of town, and the Salmon and Boise rivers are within driving distance. Hailey, Idaho, also has lake fishing at the Mackay and Magic reservoirs. For nightlife, the town offers cowboy bars and a local restaurant favorite, The Wicked Spud. "The Spud" offers over-sized beers and large burgers. Ketchum Burrito's is another local favorite.

West Yellowstone, Montana

This area gets extremely cold in the winter and crowded with tourists in the summer. There are a variety of places to trout fish. The town is at the entrance to Yellowstone National Park, and it is a short drive to the Madison, Yellowstone and Gallatin rivers. Hebgen and Henry's Lakes also produce trophy trout on a regular basis. If you're in the mood for pizza, try out Strozzie's, and the Running Bear Pancake House offers a hearty breakfast. For after hours, Bullwinkle's Saloon and Restaurant serves cold beer and a wine cellar.

Roscoe, New York

There are abundant trout rivers and streams in this area. The Catskill Mountains offer secluded waters, and the Beaverkill River flows through town. The east and west branches of the Delaware River offer fishing for brown trout, and the small streams are full of wild brook trout. The area has magnificent fall colors.

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