The Best Telescoping Crappie Poles

The Best Telescoping Crappie Poles
Crappie are an exciting fish to catch because they are considered gullible when compared to other freshwater game species. The best telescoping crappie poles are lightweight, durable and portable. Poles with a fast action and sensitive tip allow you to really feel the fish fight, while over-sized poles decrease the pleasure of catching crappie.


The Shakespeare Wonderpole 20-foot Telescopic Crappie Pole is a solid rod with plenty of reach. It gets high marks from customers, with the only downside being the grip. The grip has a tendency to absorb the smell of fish and should be cleaned regularly. The pole has a lightweight fiberglass design, line keeper, textured grip and a fluorescent tip. The light action is also helpful when you are playing crappie.


The Cabela's Telescopic Pan-fish Pole has a solid design and high ratings. It is a sensitive rod built on a graphite blank. It has a chrome tip that handles heavy baits and jigs, and the pole collapses to 15 inches. It comes in an ultralight and light-medium model with lengths of 10, 12 and 14 feet when extended. The pole comes with a protective case for travel.


The Zebco Slab Seeker is a suitable pole for crappie or panfish. It has high ratings from owners and comes in a 12-foot model. It has a visible, ultra-sensitive tip for strike detection and a solid foam grip. Slip rings allow you to adjust the position of the reel for balance, and the pole has a built-in ruler for measuring fish.

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