The Best Bass Lures for October

The Best Bass Lures for October
In October, as water temperatures begin to drop, bass begin working hard to gain weight for the winter. The best lures for October imitate large meals with high caloric content. Lures can be fished on fast retrieves, but a slow, wounded retrieve used around deep cover is ideal for fall bass fishing.

Spinner Baits

Spinner baits designed to imitate shad are for October bass fishing. During the fall, shad congregate around stream inlets in preparation for the spawn. Using a slow- to moderate-paced retrieve imitates a wounded or crippled shad and attracts bass. The Booyah Blade Spinner bait uses a white head and twin blades to imitate a small school of shad. The imitation of multiple shad with one lure attracts aggressive bass.

Super Spot

The Cotton Cordell Super Spot is a general bait-fish imitation. The lure wobbles when retrieved and uses a loud rattle to attract bass. The speed of the retrieve determines the depth you can fish with this lure. A fast retrieve is ideal for fishing shallow water, while a slow retrieve gives you access to the deep cover where large bass like to ambush prey.

Bomber Fat Free Fingerling

This lure is a pearl shad imitation designed to be fished deep. This lure should be fished in transition zones and along deep cover. It is especially effective on clear, sunny days when bass hold tight and avoid being caught in the open. The lure has chartreuse highlights and an active swimming motion for attracting bass.

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