Backpacking Food Examples

Backpacking Food Examples
Backpacking food has to work hard. It must be lightweight, easy to prepare and nourishing. Although many outdoor companies make ration-like dehydrated meals for hikers, there are older, time-tested meals that will keep you going in the backcountry without emptying your wallet.


Instant oatmeal is a favorite breakfast meal for many backpackers. Its lightweight, high carbohydrate count and easy preparation make it ideal for getting your body moving straight out of camp. Mix and match flavors to vary the morning meal so you don't get burned out after day three.



Pasta is another old favorite. It's high carbohydrate count is great for replenishing lost nutrients after a long day. Although you can eat pasta every night for a short outing, consider varying the recipe to keep things fresh. Couple it with various dehydrated sauces, pesto or oil and toss in a packet of tuna to add protein.


Gorp is the mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack food, designed to give your body quick energy after your breakfast and lunch have worn off. The usual base for gorp is granola, but after that, there are no rules. Throw in nuts, dried fruit, chocolate chips and whatever else you'd like. Try to have various amounts of simple and complex carbohydrate foods to give both a quick boost and sustained energy.


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