Rock Climbing Clubs in Utah

Rock Climbing Clubs in Utah
Rock climbing clubs are a great way to make new friends and find climbing partners. Clubs provide the opportunity to learn and share your knowledge about climbing. Through a rock climbing club, you can learn about new climbing areas and routes that are difficult to find on the map. Utah has ample rock climbing opportunities and joining a club will help you discover the resources that you may not have known existed.

The Front Climbing Club

This climbing club has an indoor facility in downtown Salt Lake City. Inside, you will find opportunities for bouldering and wall climbing. There are also classes and clinics for all skill levels and it has yoga, Pilates and cross-training classes. The Front has after school programs and training for all age levels. It is a great place to learn about climbing while seeking outdoor climbing partners.

The Front Climbing Club
1450 South 400 West
Salt Lake City, Utah
(801) 466-7625

Momentum Climbing

Located in the town of Sandy, this is an indoor gym with 20,000 square feet of climbing. It has a large area dedicated to bouldering, classes for all skill levels and a separate gym with weights and cardio machines. The diversity of indoor climbing styles and routes makes this a great gym. You will also find personal instruction to help advance your climbing skills.

Momentum Climbing
220 West 10600 South
Sandy, Utah
(801) 990-6890


Located in North Logan, this indoor facility boasts over 12,000 square feet of climbing area. It has top-roping and lead climbing areas and a variety of crack routes. The club hosts indoor climbing competitions, gear rentals and sales. It also has regular classes for beginner and intermediate climbers and does climbing certifications. This is a great training facility and you will have the opportunity to find climbing partners.

RockHaus Indoor Climbing Gym
1780 North 200 East
North Logan, Utah 84321
(435) 713-0068

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