SCUBA Diving Certification Limits

SCUBA Diving Certification Limits
Seeing the world from underwater is something everyone should experience. Jamaica is a particularly great place to experience this with a wide range of dive sites offering reefs, wrecks and walls at all depths. While there are no stop signs under water forbidding less experienced divers from traveling any further, it is important to know your comfort zone and your limitations.


Divers who take resort courses or are just beginning to experience the underwater world should stay close to the dive master who is leading the group and generally will not be taken to great depths. When starting, there is little reason to go much below 40 feet because the atmospheric pressure can create a dangerous situation if the new diver panics. The most vibrant colors and the warmest water are all near the surface anyways so there is little to no reason to risk safety just to go deeper.

Open Water Divers

Once a diver becomes more comfortable under the water, he can appreciate the scenery and beautiful creatures to a greater extent. There is a lot of equipment a diver has to maintain focus on, so it can take a few dives before feeling comfortable enough to really take it all in. With the skills developed in the Open Water Diver Courses offered by NAUI and PADI, dive masters will be more willing to take you on deeper or perhaps more complex dives. This can include swim-throughs, wrecks, greater depths (limiting the colors visible to the naked eye due to light diffraction), night dives or a variety of others.

Advanced and Beyond

The decision to include one's self in a particular dive should be entirely based on their comfort and skills at the time of the dive, not necessarily what certification card happens to be in that diver's pocket. That said, for those who feel comfortable and are confident with their skills, there is plenty to offer. Cave dives, sting ray visits and deep wrecks are sure to keep you enthralled and entertained underwater.

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