The Best Pedal Bikes for Distance

The Best Pedal Bikes for Distance
Bicycle treks require much different equipment than short jaunts in your neighborhood. You'll likely need a touring bike. Touring bikes are designed to haul gear over all sorts of train. They are both durable and efficient, with a gear range guaranteed to allow you to haul an elephant up an incline. If you plan to take some time off and hit the road, your bike is certain to be your most important companion and purchase.

Novara Randonee

If you are trying to pedal long distances on a budget, the Novara Randonee is hard to beat. The Randonee has attachment points for both back and front racks and a low center-of-gravity to ensure you can lug all your gear. Its 27 gears ensure that you'll be ready for every change in the environment. Plus, at only $799 (as of 2010), the Randonee is a steal.

Cannondale Touring 1

Cannondale's touring bike is a classic design that remains functional today. Leather-wrapped ram's horn handles complement this sturdy rider. The Cannondale uses a double-butted aluminum frame, making it durable but considerably lighter than many other touring bikes. The thoughtful design comes at a price however, with a 2010 retail sticker set at $1,999.

Fuji Touring

Fuji bikes are known for their comfort and reliability, and the Fuji Touring is no exception. At 29 lbs., the Fuji Touring is on the lighter end of the touring bike spectrum, with a mostly aluminum construction. Shimano parts will ensure durable gear shifting that will carry you for mile after mile. The Fuji Touring bike comes in at $1,100, as of 2010.

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