Crystal Mountain Ski Resort Holiday & Tourism Guide

Crystal Mountain Ski Resort Holiday & Tourism Guide
Crystal Mountain ski resort is located in the state of Washington, on the Cascade Range. It is the largest and also most luxurious ski resort in Washington, and it is a little known fact that the area operates year round, catering to ski enthusiasts as well as summer vacationers. Some of the ski lifts are kept operational during the summer, providing perfect transportation for hikers eager to explore the mountainous terrain on foot. Please note that mountain bikes are not allowed on the lifts. Read on for some great holiday and tourist information about weather as well as winter and summer activities.

Know What to Expect from the Weather

As a first time tourist, remember that the elevation of Crystal Mountain---7,012 feet at the top--wreaks havoc with the temperatures. While in winter you might expect the cold, do not be caught unawares during a summer holiday, but instead plan on cold nights, even in the middle of August.

Familiarize Yourself with the Hiking Trails

Vacationers visiting Crystal Mountain ski resort on summer holiday should know that there are a number of different hiking trails in the vicinity. The most famous one is Kelly's Gap Road, which is open to hikers and also mountain bikers. First time tourists enjoy the view of the village and also the surrounding areas. Another nice hike is the Northway Trail. For hikers who are in great physical shape and do not shy away from a tough ascent, the Norse Peak Trail provides a good workout of more than four miles of uphill hiking.

Consider Visiting Crystal Mountain Ski Resort in Winter

Save money when you bring your children along. If you pay a lift ticket at full price, your child---if she is younger than 10---skis gratis. Since about 13 percent of the runs are slated for beginning skiers and 57 percent for the intermediate athlete, Crystal Mountain is the perfect place to take family members who are just starting out or who are on their second or even third seasons. At the same time, experts enjoy the 30 percent of the runs that are reserved for the expert skier.

Take Advantage of Guided Alpine Wilderness Tours

If your Crystal Mountain ski resort holiday coincides with the Christmas festivities, a guided weekend alpine wilderness snowshoe tour is sure to get you into a festive spirit. Lasting a little more than two hours, you are guided along the South Backcountry, an area that is known for its natural beauty surrounding Henskin Lake. At the end of the tour you may enjoy a cheese fondue that is included in the price. Remember that participants must be at least 11 years of age; if you have younger children traveling with you, childcare arrangements need to be made.

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