Hikers Survival List

Hikers Survival ListHiking can be dangerous if you are not properly prepared for a survival situation. You may encounter extreme weather or become lost. If you are lost or trapped in the wilderness, avoid traveling any farther. It will be difficult for rescue teams to track you if you are on the move. Before you go hiking tell several people (parents, friends, colleagues, siblings) where you are going and tell them you will call when you return.

Repairs and First Aid

In a survival situation it is important that your gear is in working order. Carry a sewing kit for tears, a patch kit for tents, and seam sealer. For first aid, carry bandages, gauze, athletic tape, aspirin, hydrogen peroxide, triple antibiotic ointment and extra medicine for any pre-existing conditions.

Survival Items

In a survival situation you will need water, food and shelter. If it is cold you will need to start a fire. Bring magnesium fire starters, waterproof matches, a tarp or poncho for shelter, nylon rope to construct the shelter, knife or hatchet for firewood, high calorie content food, iodine tablets for water purification and a water container. If you are hiking near water, bring fishing line and hooks.

Survival Aids

There are several tools built specifically for signalling help. A whistle is a valuable tool for making noise. It will alert predators of your presence and signal people for help. A mirror is a good tool for signaling a search helicopter. The most valuable tool may be a satellite communication device. A phone makes it easy to call for help while a SPOT communicator makes it possible to send for help or make a direct call to emergency services with your GPS coordinates.

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