Camping Kids Activities

Camping Kids Activities
Camping can be relaxing or bustling, depending on what you want from the experience. Some people simply want to soak up tranquility. However, it is a fair bet that any children along for the trip will be looking to keep a little busier. Here are a few activities guaranteed to keep the kids engaged and active in the outdoors.


Bring along a star guide to point out planets and constellations. Look for shooting stars. Convincing kids to sit still and look at stars may sound like a difficult proposition, but they'll be riveted to the skies after spotting their first meteorite.


Crayfish Hunting

Sick of fishing and observing wildlife? Catching crayfish is one of the most active and exciting ways to check out an animal with which many kids are not familiar. Bring a bucket down to a shallow stream and search for the little lobster-like creatures under large rocks. Capturing one typically involves driving it backwards into your hand or grabbing it by the hard carapace behind the head. Crayfish, or crawdads, do have claws, but their pinches are not bad and certainly not dangerous. See how many you are your brood can catch, then release the whole swarm back into the water.


Kite flying is one of the most soothing outdoor activities that even modern kids seem to love. Find a clearing or field and have the kids do the running needed to get the kite aloft. Even if you are packing light for this camping trip, a number of kites fold into a small stuff-sack and take up little room.

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