List of Rain Gear Brands

List of Rain Gear BrandsThere are as many different brands of rain gear as their are use for their products. Finding the right raincoat can be a dizzying search through endless brands and models. Arriving at the store armed with some knowledge, such as the strengths and specific focus of the numerous raincoat makers, can give you an edge in picking the piece of rain gear that's right for you.

Helly Hanse

Designed primarily for sailing and other aquatic activities, Helly Hansen's jackets have been made in Norway since 1877.


Columbia outdoor gear has been made in Portland since the 1930s. Originally a hat company, Columbia now focuses on versatile outerwear. They are known for their multi-layer designs and excellent value.

Sierra Designs

An outdoor equipment manufacturer, Sierra Designs is especially well-known for their tents. However, they also sell a full line of waterproof shells. Their rain gear is lightweight and excellent for ultralight backpacking.

J. Barbour & Sons

A British manufacturer, Barbour is renowned for its rugged outdoor clothing. Usually known for its rugged appearance, Barbour clothing is often thought of as hunting clothing. Barbour uses a number of water-proofing techniques not found in many modern synthetic jackets, such as waxed jackets.


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