Dangers in Pools for Kids

Dangers in Pools for Kids
Swimming is a favored activity for children, but there are many dangers in pools for kids. Whether you are a parent or not, it is important to be aware of swimming pool dangers so you can be vigilant should you be responsible for a child's safety when he is swimming. The fact is that many pool safety concerns are not as obvious as one would think.


Children often get exuberant and overly excited when they are in and around a pool. This may lead them to become less aware of their surroundings and they can can slip and fall. The possibly to slip is accelerated when children run around a pool because the surface is typically wet.

Pool Chemicals

Pool chemicals can be harmful if ingested and in some cases even when touched. The acids, alkalies and poisons used in pool chemicals can be reactive when mixed improperly, and they can burn the skin or eyes if contact occurs. Always store chemicals out of reach of children.


The ladders that you use to get in and out of a pool can be one of the most prominent pool safety concerns. Ladders can increase the likelihood of injury if they are improperly installed or maintained. You should always make sure your pool ladder is secure.


The risk of electric shock is not always mentioned among the dangers in pools for kids, but it should be. Despite the fact that the combination of water and electricity can be a volatile one, pools have many electrical components. Pool owners should make sure that the wiring for lights, pumps and other electrical devices have a ground fault interrupter to prevent electric shock.

Flotation Items

Items that float in water such as inner tubes, toys and rafts are all swimming pool hazards. These items increase the risk of drowning because a child can become trapped or entangled in them. Larger inflatable boats or inner tubes with a wide opening are safer and less likely to trap a child under water.

Suction Lines

One of the most prominent pool safety concerns comes from the suction lines connected to the pool's skimmer and drains. These lines are connected to the pools pump, and children can become trapped near one of these devices when their hair, swimsuit or another body part becomes caught. This can lead to severe injury or even death. Always check that drain covers are in place and supervise children so you can free them should an incident occur.

Article Written By Hillary Marshall

Hillary Marshall has been writing professionally since 2006. Before writing instructional articles online, she worked as a copywriter and has been published in "Sass," "Science Edge" and "Shopping Cents" magazines along with countless websites. Marshall studied early childhood education at the Stratford Career Institute.

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