Winter Adventure Activities

Winter Adventure Activities
If you enjoy spending time outdoors and embarking on new activities, there's no need to let the cold and snow slow you down. Winter offers several adventure activities that cannot be performed in any other season. Many winter activities are family-friendly as well, providing the opportunity for participation across age groups.

Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is a winter adventure activity appropriate for nearly all ages. Though the sport is most popular in Alaska--home of the famous Iditarod race--you can find dog sledding trips in New England and the Upper Midwest as well. The Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge in Ely, Minnesota, offers a wide variety of packages, including dogsled camping trips, day trips and lodge-to-lodge trips. For a less strenuous experience, consider visiting Vermont Dog Powered Sports Activities, which offers dog cart tours and dog scooter outings lasting three to four hours.


Snowmobiling is a popular winter activity for transportation and recreation. Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Maine are some of the most popular places for snowmobiling activities. Yellowstone National Park offers some groomed snowmobiling trails and tours. For a more unstructured adventure, there are thousands of miles of trails outside of national parks that can be explored. All snowmobiles must be properly licensed, so you should check with the local snowmobile association or natural resources office for regulations and guidelines when planning your trip.


Anywhere that you can find at least 4 inches of snow, you can go snowshoeing. If you enjoy hiking during the rest of the year, you can continue this activity in the winter by snowshoeing along various hiking trails. This can be a simple afternoon activity or an extended overnight trip. In addition to snowshoes and poles, you will also need several layers of warm clothing, snacks, water, emergency supplies and camping equipment. Even if you are snowshoeing only for an afternoon, you should remember to stay hydrated and snack often, as this activity will burn a lot of calories.

Skiing and Snowboarding

This activity can cater to individuals of all skill levels, and many ski resorts have enough amenities to entertain less active members of the family as well. Lessons, tours and packages are available to help even the novice skier or snowboarder plan his vacation. Downhill skiing is more appropriate for adventure seekers looking for a fast-paced activity. Cross-country skiing is less dangerous, but more strenuous. Snowboarding is similar to skiing, but uses only one board instead of two skis, and does not provide the added support of ski poles. One of the benefits of snowboarding is it places less strain on the knees.

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