The Best Athletic Shoes for Wide Feet

The Best Athletic Shoes for Wide Feet
The best athletic shoes for wide feet will be comfortable, lightweight and provide ample support. The shoes should be snug without being too tight and allow you to make athletic movements while supporting your ankles and providing a comfortable cushion for the front and heel of your foot. Specialty stores for wide feet can be found in most cities, and there are many online resources as well.

Reebok Men's

Reebok has excellent shoes built for running and cross training. The Premiere Verona KFS II is a well-rounded model with good customer reviews on The shoe is designed for runners and has plenty of cushioning. It is lined with breathable mesh and has reflective materials for night use. It's lightweight at 12 ounces and provides a stable platform.

Asics Men's

The Asics GT-2120 Trail is another great choice with high ratings from owners. It has an aggressive tread for trail use, gel cushioning and is water resistant. It is also breathable, durable and very light at under 12 ounces. The shoe has a wide base and is great for cross training.

Reebok Women's

Women have several wide foot options in the brand name market. The Premier Road Plus KFS VI W by Reebok is a great running shoe. It is built for distance runners and has foam cushioning, a synthetic upper and a breathable mesh lining. The shoe is light at 10 ounces and provides ample support. This is a great training shoe for marathon runners.

New Balance Women's

Another great shoe with high ratings is the WR1063 by New Balance. It has a wide base for cross training and is reflective for night running. It has foam cushioning and a built-in liner that fights odor. This is a great cross training shoe with a comfortable design. It is also stylish and would be good for everyday use.


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